Saturday, February 14, 2009

All Your Base

Hello any and all this is the beginning of my basing posts. Before I talk about a simple desert scheme base I wish to discuss what I mean by simple effective bases.

What I mean is that the best is flocked or otherwise appropriately prepared for painting and then either painted or if just static grassed then left alone. That is about it. Just some simple things and paint. What this does is tie the model to its narrative. However there is one rule of basing in my opinion. The more detailed and nicer the base then the model must be that much nicer in general. Why do I think that? Well the point of most bases is to accent the model. If you have a simple painted model on a "pro" base then the base is going to take the eye away from the model and the model then becomes the accent. That works for certain advanced things like camo models but that is not what im talking about.

Alright my first installment is this Meganob. He will be done in a desert scheme. There are 2 reasons I started with this model. First it was what I was working on and second its between a slotted and unslotted model. Meganobz and models like that (terminator chaplain etc) are pegged. I usually like to do these models by first gluing them to the base then basing the model. I will show an exception when i eventually rebase my terminator chaplain. Also this is a nice neutral basing theme that works with any army scheme really. So here we go:

Firstly this is the meganob (sneak peak for the legends of war event). Painted to my ork scheme but on this blank base it looses its narrative.

Ok so this is the basic start for many bases. I added some flock and some rock bits. The rock bits are optional but can add some 3d to the base which can be nice. Be sure to give it ample time to dry and then gently tap off the excess prior to painting.

For earthen toned bases you do not need to base it black. You could but its just an extra step. I based it with bestial brown but any dark brown would work here.

After I let the bestial brown dry i liberally dry brushed the base with bubonic brown. Alternatively a khaki or dirty yellow can work. The point is to set up for the final layer without covering the base coat.

Alright so here is where we wrap it up. The final color is bleached bone dry brushed only on the areas of bubonic brown without covering all of it. After that I painted the sides of the base with graveyard earth to give it a clean look. Any color can work here some people use different colors to mark squads. Other do the color of the armies armor color. I like to choose a color not associate with the model and preferably not the base. Now you could add some patches of static grass here I just chose not to.
You might notice some bits of flock stuck to the model. They are not glued there. Thatll happen when you flock a base with a model on it. You can blow them off or pick them off I don't bother. They will fall off in transport and in game play. They are not overtly obvious and if they are you can just brush them off.

Well next installment will be at some point along with the next outnumbered. until then.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Small update

Hey all here is a small update:

A tactical marine for my crusade era thousand sons. The chestplate is from the redscorpions upgrade sprue. I have 4 others nearly done I plan to do something special for the heavy weapons and when I do ill post about it. Currently I am working on the Mega Nobz.
Ill use the first mega nob when completed to start a new tips and tactics segment of basing. Basically my thoughts on basing and how to do simple basing that wont take away from the model and will give a nice feel to it as well. Until then I will do my next segment of Outnumbered soon. Until then.