Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pre-Heresy Deathwing Librarian

Hey everyone. Recently completed another Crusade era Loyalist Dark Angel Terminator. This one is a Librarian. Now Fluff aside about Librarians in Legions, I wanted to include a full command staff in my collection. I am happy with how he turned out.

I gave him 2 of the DA dreadnought leg plates with the scroll work as it fits the theme.
The head is a Maxmini helmet and the legs are from Microart Studios. I think they work well to make the model stand out.
That's it really for now. Just wanted to share the model as I am happy with its posing and look. Until next time..

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lets Make a Model: Battlewagons (Part 5)

Hey everyone. This is the next part I did for the battlewagons.

Here are the parts needed all painted up and ready to go.
I started with the front and used plastic glue to glue the sides on. Be sure you dryfit first. The reason I used the plastic glue is because you get a bit more time to move the part around before it fully sets.

The next step was the back side panels. They are asymmetrical just like the front so you cant put the wrong side in the wrong place. However again always dryfit your parts together.

The last step was the back plates as you can see on the left battlewagon. They go a specific way as well. The left back plate is what a exhaust will attach to on the battlewagon.
That's it for this step. They are painted the same way I said in other parts. Again the weathering will happen after the model is fully assembled. Until next time.