Monday, December 28, 2009

Lets Make a Model: Battlewagons (Part 2)

Hey everyone. Here is the next section of the battlewagon build. We have all the tires and treads painted up.

Above you can see a close up on the tires. The red is drybrushed with boltgun metal to give it a worn metal look.

Here are all the tires and treads. Basically everything is basecoated chaos black. The treads and tire rims are undercoated tin bitz. Then the treads are drybrushed boltgun metal. The Tires have the red parts done first in mechrite red then blood red. Boltgun metal is drybrushed over the red and the rims. The tires are then cleaned up with chaos black.
So that is it. Next will be the chassis part that the tires and treads attach to. Hopefully that will be sooner.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lets Make a Model: Battlewagons (Part 1)

So here we begin the Battlewagon build. We start with just the wheels to slowly ease into the build:

There attached to the sprue like this. This is the wheel clipped from the sprue.

One thing to make not of before assembly is the little hole in the wheel. Line up the nub like part on the inside of the wheel with the hold in the edge of the wheel to have the wheel line up flush. This is the same for both style of wheel.

Here are the 4 wheel for one battlewagon built. There are two different styles of wheel each one has the hole and nub connection. Next step is to assemble the track assembly and paint both the tracks and the wheels. Until next time.

Pathfinders and Update

Hey everyone. I'm still around. Ive decided that I am going to try and dedicate this blog to more then just random posts and paint progress. I started a new Series on my youtube channel called "Lets Make a Model". Basically I take you along for the ride in building models and painting them. The first installment was with Pathfinders and the result is below.

There painted in Farsight enclave color or at least how I would imagine them to look.

So why did I mention the "Lets Make a Model" series? Well that is because for the more "complex" models (Vehicles, Walkers, conversions) I will be supplementing the videos with this blog. Basically this blog will focus on supplementing the lets make a model series and some tutorial type stuff along with the painting progress. As the video series shows the before and after I can show some mid progress here. The next installment is just being started so we shall see how it goes. Until next time.