Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pre-Heresy Deathwing Chaplain

Hey everyone. Thought I would post this guy up here as I finished him the other day. Basically I decided to relaunch my Deathwing as Pre-Heresy as I do love how the terminators were don in the artwork for it. I do also like the looks of Pre-Heresy Dark Angels even though it is just black. I'm starting from new with new models so the Dark Angels I have already will stay post heresy in there cool green, black and bone colors. The First Model I did for the new Crusade era Deathwing is a chaplain because the model is fantastic.

So there he is. I am happy with how he turned out overall. His Parchment loin cloth thing turned out better then I thought it would. The shoulder pads are Ironclad Dreadnought leg plates. The Crozius arm is a Thunderhammer arm with the hammer head removed and a dark angel bit added to the top. The combi-bolter is from the terminator librarian blister and the arm its attached to is a stormshield arm. Some greenstuff work to make the two mesh was required.
I highlighted the armor with Dark Angels green. I saw this done before and I really liked it so I tried my best with it. I kept the edging/highlighting dark. Also The pictures aren't the best. I am making an effort to clear some space and set up a mini wanna be photo booth for the miniatures. That will take some time though.
Now I know that the model has an imperial eagle on it in the back and I left it. Maybe he was given an honor by the emperor during the crusade? Who knows. Also there are 2 little crux terminatus type crosses on him. As they are not the standard Crux in look I figured these Templar type crosses would be fine to leave. And as for the combi-plasma... well they are the first legion and plasma has been seen in the novels and art work so its not unreasonable.
That is it for this guy. I really like how he looks. Instead of making my own shoulder pads I'm going to go with standard dreadnought leg plates for the rest of the army for the most part. Until next time...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lets Make a Model: Battlewagons (Part 4)

Hey everyone. A bit delayed but here is the next part of the Battlewagon build.

Here are the parts for this part of the build. They are painted up but the metal parts are not washed yet. Once attached to the rest of the model I wash the parts.

Here are the metal floor plates attached. These must go on first in order to put the purple parts above on. After it was glued in place I washed the floor plates with devlan mud to match the rest of the model.

And here it is done. I started with the middle part and then glued the sides on. Now There is still some grey showing through and that is alright. This is just a rough base coat to get the majority of the coloring done. As parts of the battlewagon start to become closed off ill add finishing touches to the purple. Also I will be weathering the purple after the battlewagon is fully built.
Until the next one..

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lets Make a Model: Battlewagons (Part 3)

Hey everyone. This is the next step in the lets make a model battlewagons series. This step starts making the parts come together to look like a vehicle.

These are the parts cut from the sprue. The guide that comes with the kit shows you which parts you need. Clip them from the sprue and dry fit so you know how it goes together.

When you start assembling the parts you will notice that this small part in the picture above goes on the bottom. Be sure you put it in place before attaching both sides to the floorboard type piece. It has a groove in the parts that it snaps into and if both sides are on you may find it wont fit.

This is what the parts look like assembled both top and bottom.

Here it is painted with tires and treads attached. Primed black then a undercoat of tin bitz. Bolt gun metal drybrushed heavily over it and the purple areas were done with lich purple. You may not see it as I only did the purple on a few small areas. Everything was given a wash of devlan mud.
As you can see its starting to look like a vehicle now. Until next time.