Monday, March 8, 2010

Iron Knight, Silver Skull Test models

Hey. I did these models as a test of color scheme and to see how different they would look.
This is a Silver Skulls Tactical marine. Its a boltgun metal body with a heavy wash of badab black. The chest eagle and helmet is mithril silver. the Silver Skulls chapter is an old chapter that has been around for a while.

This assault marine is from the Iron Knights Chapter. They are thought to be a Imperial fist successor. This color scheme is black shoulder inset and helmet and a boltgun metal body. The body is not washed at all and the chest eagle is the same color as the body. The Shield on his shoulder is from a Assault Terminator kit. I trimmed the back nob off of it so it sits flush on the shoulder pad trim.

And here are the two marines together. Each has a distinct look and the difference in bases also makes them stand out separately.
Well That is it for now. Until next time.


John said...

My chapter (Iron Templars) is also boltgun for the main armor like the silver skulls, but I have gold on the shoulder armour instead of black/dark blue.

The worst part about boltgun for the armor is that I don't think it highlights well. I never can get it right, so I don't highlight it unless I have a really sharp edge, and then I use mithril silver.

Keeper of the Fortress said...

That is true about metallics.

Gewaltatron said...

Hi there,

I am also playing a Iron Knight army and maybe I tell you how I paint my standard marines:

* Base coat - spray black primer
* Paint all metallic areas with Boltgun Metal
* Wash the model with Badab Black (1:1 thinned with water)
* Highlight the edges with Mithril Silver

The Helmet and shoulders are done in Black and Highlighted with watered down Adeptus Battlegrey or even better with Vallejo Model Color German Grey.

Purity Seals etc. can be done anyhow..

For Sergeants and Special Characters I use a slightly different method, since I spend more time on them.

But another thing I want to say is, that if you don't like that dark (as mine turn out to be) I found a nice alternative. The is a Primer Spray called Plate Mail Metal. Which is brighter then Boltgun metal. if you after this apply a (or more) layer of wash your marines will not look that dark, it would be a better way for silver skulls or other more bright chapters.

If you have any questions just contact me via my blog ..

Captain Neven aka Gewaltatron