Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Crusade era terminator shoulders

Alright so this is a mini tutorial on how to make the terminator shoulder pads on the previous post. This really is a lesson in salvaging. Now there are plenty of tutorials on how to make them from the barrels cut in half to dreadnought leg guards to scratch building with plastic card and/or greenstuff. This is just scrounging around through bits.

These are the pads when on a terminator. A little big perhaps but I like that look. Makes it look ceremonial and that fits with the Thousand Sons.

This is the bit off the sprue. Basically you just glue thin strips of plasticard to it to make the pad. its pretty simple. Id suggest using a reasonably thin plasticard so it can bend. I also suggest attaching the plasticard to the pad then paint it up and attach to the terminator. With the thin plasticard it can bend a bit to help fit onto the terminator if the arms are a little in the way.

This is the bit on the sprue. It should be on the same sprue as the bladed prow that i used for the terminators khopesh (which has its own tutorial).
That's basically it. Not much to show. How crazy you go with the plasticard strips to simulate leather is up to you. I don't know how it works with other chariot kits. But these bits can work with other legions such as Death Guard, Ultramarines, World Eaters. It depends on which bit you use of course but it could work.
Some more stuff to come soon. Hope that was a bit helpful at last with ideas on how to use other bits you may have.

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eriochrome said...

I like the classic 1K Sons look. I have been thinking a little about going with the original Death Guard Color Scheme instead of my current Liche Purple.