Friday, December 19, 2008

Quest for Knowledge

Greetings. I had these guys done for almost a week now just have not had time to post them. Ok sorry in advance for the poor pic quality. I will eventually get a better picture taking place then my work area. SO here it is my Mechanicus Battlefleet Gothic Exploratory fleet.

I have one more of these types of escorts but its base is broken and I still have the escorts I did a while back. But this is the Mechanicus fleet essentially. Nothing fancy just grey red and bronze. I think it turned out well. Probably the fastest army type group that I've painted. A BFG fleet can look really good with minimal effort. Enjoy.


73rd said...

They look great, especially the touch of red in contrast to their dark base colour. Nicely done as usual!

Matthew said...

Very nice! I can;t wait to face it in battle!

If you have a Bathroom with a Heat lamb bulb or another room with a very bright light, I say use that room and just set the White Balance in your camera to Tungsten if its a heat bulb, or fluorescent. I tend to find they take better pics when set to that.