Thursday, January 22, 2009

And it's name was Apollo

Hey everyone. Just thought I would make a little update post. Still working on finishing a tactical marine for crusade Thousand Sons. Once that is done ill work on my Orks for the Random 40k challenge and share them as I go.

However my last post I stated I had another project that I did not mention. Here is one image:

And it's name was Apollo.... Yep I decided to treat myself. Its a Mars Pattern Warhound. This is going to be a long term side project. I have plans for it but for now you will only know its name.. Apollo. When I do make progress with it I will let you know and talk about building it. Giving tips as I go. I will hopefully be having help myself. Well that is it for now.

Do not worry I will do the next installment of Outnumbered! soon. Other stuff to come as well.

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