Saturday, January 3, 2009

Teleportation Successful

Hey all hope the new year went well. I got some painting done. I decided to paint the snap terminators from the Black Reach box for my deathwing. So here they are

There nothing fancy. What I did do different with this batch is i used a foundation paint brown instead of my normal graveyard earth undercoat for the armor. The Deathwing decals are from the vehicle transfers..
A little rant on the deathwing transfer. Games Workshop really needs to make a new decal sheet with these on it. The Deathwing symbol only is available on a vehicle sheet and there is only one on it. It is not like these are an obscure decal or something. But its all good as they did make terminator pads for the deathwing.

Well enjoy.. Until next time.

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natsirtm said...

liking the space hulk bases!