Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Horus Heresy Novel series

Hey all just a quick post on the Horus Heresy novels.

Now I'm not going to rate them or review them just list the ones out currently as of the date of this posting.

So there are 10 total books so far as of the day of this posting:
Horus Rising
False Gods
Galaxy in Flames
The Flight of the Eisenstein
Descent of Angels
Battle For the Abyss
Tales of Heresy

Those are the 10 the Tales of Heresy is a short story book with 7 stories in it. The rest are novels.

Alright so there novels based in the 40k universe obviously. They are based around the Heresy time period which I am a huge fan of so it is no surprise that I love these book. There not works of gold or anything but just really enjoyable if your into the heresy. They are focused on the Imperium and primarily the Space Marine Legions with a few exceptions. So if your not into the Imperium really then the series may not be for you.

Other then that there is not much to say as a at a glimpse type of thing. More are coming out and there is no limit supposedly to how many books they will release for the Horus Heresy.

I listed the novels in order of release in case you are interested in jumping into the series (if you haven't already).
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eriochrome said...

I have gotten through the first 4 but the next 3 have been sitting on my shelf for the last year pretty much.

suneokun said...

I've read Horus Rising, False Gods, The Flight of the Eisenstein, Fulgrim, The Descent of Angels, Legion and am reading Mechanicum. I've picked up and then dropped Galaxy in Flames and Battle for the Abyss, both because their writing style is awful and the language used is verbose and unnecessary.

I'd recommend reading them all except those two (which are Dross) and Descent of Angels (in which nothing actually happens...)

Best of the bunch: Legion - by a long way, feels like Abnett's really having fun in this one, and the 'Guardsmens' eye view is familiar and comfortable territory for him, and he exploits it to the max. I'd put it up there alongside Eisenhorn (not Eisenstein), some of the Gaunts Ghosts and Ciapas Cain...

James said...

Legion I found terribly predictable and plodding suffering from a lack of real editing. People have pointed out Abnett was following a different formula, but I thought it was terribly boring and the characters two dimensional. It read like a short story expanded to fill a novel. It just wasn't every good. Yeah, Abnett-fanboys will grouse, but being objective, it just was nowhere near as ironclad as his earlier work.

Descent of Angels, I agree, wasn't bad, but just wasn't very gripping. If I wanted to read fantasy I would have and with 98% of the book about horses and knights, it was disappointing.

Battle for the Abyss was just strange. It read like a 40k novel, not like a 30k novel.

Mechanicum wasn't too bad, but again, it read like a Gaunt's Ghosts series novel. Another one that really felt more like it was current timeline 40k. For that matter, there is no need to read Titanicus if you've read this one. They are nearly one in same. Real shame.

Tales of Heresy is ok. It wasn't edge of your seat like Galaxy in Flames or the other two of the first three, but it did illustrate some aspects. The Word Bearers story was a waste and the World Eaters story really needed its own novel.

Galaxy in Flames, Horus Rising, Flight of the Eisenstein, and False Gods still hold the mark of the best novels in the series so far.