Thursday, May 28, 2009

Admech Commissar

Hey everyone. To go with my last all your base post I have a model using one of the bases. Now I didn't try the orange light drybrush on this base. Ill try it on the other one and if it looks nice and subdued ill go back and touch up this base.

The model is a Death Korp Commissar. But it will be for my Admech army as a Commissar. I just love the model so i decided to use it for my Admech. I think it fits in well as the gas mask head give it a tech and inhuman feel.

Well thats the model. The actual Armies color scheme is that of his pants which is scab red over mechrite red. the metal bits are a mix of chaos black and bolt gun with a light pure boltgun highlight.
Thats pretty much it. I have stuff in various stages that im working on and part 3 of the Legends of War should be starting soon which means a 20 shoota boy strong squad to work on that gets priority. More updates and other stuff as i get to them. take care.


Barjack said...

Commissar looks great, if it was my model I would dry brush some lighter color on to his coat to add some depth to the model, the red cuffs and such could be highlighted or washed to add color. But he is looking great keep it up.

Anonymous said...

dont know if you already know this buty have you thought of using the pig iron heads for the rest of your admech guard

Keeper of the Fortress said...

I left the coat as is on purpose for a drab leather feel. The red isnt so bland in person the flash washes the color out a bit. But I do plan to add some lighter color onto black cloth to give it depth.

I have looked into pig iron heads but I have decided to go with Elysian heads for the majority of the rest of the admech army with some exceptions.