Sunday, May 24, 2009

All Your Base... Martian desert

Hey everyone. Been busy but I did make some progress hobby wise. Here is another All your Base installment. This time it is my attempt at a martian desert type of scheme. The results work although there is probably a better way to do it. But this was quick and easy.

Alright so after flocking the base I gave it a base coat of bestial brown. Any darker brown will work but I went with bestial because it has a kind of reddish quality to it.

I then heavily drybrushed the base with scab red once the bestial brown was fully dried. I tried to cover practically all the brown with scab red leaving trace amounts of brown.

The final step was to drybrush red gore on top of the scab red. This was a light drybrush that I did only until I saw a slight difference in color on some of the flock. You could probably go beyond this with a mix of red gore and blood red or some sort of orange but I left it at this stage because I did not want a more extreme highlight color. I did the sides of the base with Graveyard earth.
That's pretty much it for this type of base. Ill have more bases to come soon as well as progress updates when I have things to report. Until next time...


Master Darksol said...

I would suggest taking it one step further and doing a light drybrush of Solar Macharius Orange. Mars has a good deal of Iron(III) Oxide, which gives it an orange hue

Keeper of the Fortress said...

Yes Mars does. That is a good idea I wasnt sure how extreme the orange highlight would be. Ill test it out on one of the bases.

Master Darksol said...

Here is how mine turned out.

...Though mine lacks the dark red base that you've applied, it should still give you an idea of how extreme the orange will get. I had tried Blazing Orange, but it's too bright. Solar Macharius Orange is a duller orange.

Specifically what I did for the ork's base was just GW sand, Heavy Gryphonne Sepia wash, then a Solar Macharius drybrush.

Hope this helps give you some reference as to whether or not it is a route you would like to take.