Sunday, June 7, 2009

Admech Advisor

Hey everyone. Ive been a little busy with the hobby so I got some stuff done like those bases in the last post. Here we have what I will be using for a Master of Ordnance Advisor for my Admech army.

He is a Titan crew member on foot from forgeworld. I do not have the other 2 painted up yet but this guy is one of the moderati. I thought he would fit well with the admech army as he looks techy enough. The model is perfect for the master of ordnance I feel because he has a little data slate thing in his hand so it looks like he is marking coordinates to transmit back to whatever is dropping the ordnance (Titans or Admech Ordinatus perhaps?). i will eventually paint the other 2.
A word of caution for these models is that they are one piece meaning the model and base are molded together. That is fine but they are casted in a white resin or some such which feels weak. You could probably snap this model in half with your hands easily. So some care is needed when your painting the model. More Admech to come in the future.

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