Sunday, June 7, 2009

Blood Reavers test Model

Hey everyone. this post is about my Blood Reavers Space Marine chapter. This chapter came to existence because my other chapters I have can only run one way really and that's the way I built them. Dark Angels use there codex. Pre heresy thousand Sons were built to utilize the Space Marine codex. My Dark Angel Successor Chapter uses the Space Marine Codex but in a different way just like my Iron Ravens idea and the official chapters I still want to do all have there set ways.

So what does that mean? Well the Blood Reavers came to being because I wanted a hard hitting assaulting Marine army. I am not a fan of Space Wolves so that left Blood Angels and Black Templars.. and I decided this chapter would do double duty. I am modeling it to have the capability to do both codices. now there will be a few models that wont be usable in both but that is fine. So here is the test model! Sorry for the fuzzy picture camera went wonky.

Now I just have some minor touch up work to do mostly on the shoulder pads but aside from that it is done. I know the black isn't highlighted and it wont be. But anyway it is a sergeant for a Assault Marine squad if ran in a Blood Angel codex or a initiate with powerfist in a Black Templar codex. The magnetized back packs let it go into both codices and allows flexibility in both. They are a loyalist chapter in case anyone was wondering.
I wanted a more dynamic pose so I bent him a bit so it looks like he is looking down from higher ground issuing an order before leaping with his jump pack or before charging.
When I get better at making the models magnetized I will post a tutorial on here but it will take a few more marines. The legs are from a Khorne Beserker box. I have fluff for the chapter and when in the future I will post about it.

More to come on these guys and my other Space Marines in the future. Until next time..


Gothmog said...

How are you going to do death company?

Keeper of the Fortress said...

They will have more red on them as well as magnetized back packs