Monday, October 26, 2009

Iron Hands dreadnought Counts As

Hey everyone. Its been a while. So I just have a model update and a little bit of explaining. Firstly the Dreadnought itself
Here is a shot of the base. Standing on a enemy rhino door from the emperor's children. Thought the whole fluff between the two during the great crusade would make the choice of fallen enemies fitting. Its supposed to look scorched and "sooty" which is why i applied streaks of heavy black wash to it.
Here is the shot of the back power plant with a mini banner thing.

The claw hand side.

The plasma Cannon side. I know there is some grey on the helmet towards the back. I will have to clean that up. The inside of that area is grey to make the helmet stand out a bit when looked at head on.

And I pinned it so it can torso twist and represent being destroyed and what not.
So onward with explaining myself. This is a counts as Bjorn. Why? Well the Generic marine codex can represent the Iron hands well enough. But the option of a Dreadnought HQ and the ability to attach terminator armored veterans to your squads also really screams Iron Hands. So I decided that I would use the Space Wolves Codex and represent a Iron hands Strike force led by a Dreadnought entombed leader which is very fluffy for them. I will be using what the codex gives me to best represent Iron Hands. So I wont be using Mark of Wulfen or Thunderwolves etc etc. Its using the codex to represent something and not just a generic re-skin of a Space Wolf army. I do feel the Space Wolf Codex does a equally good job of representing Iron Hands as the generic Marine codex does. So I chose Bjorn as a Dreadnought HQ is cool.
One more thing. The Iron Hands have Clans which are roughly the equal of companies. Each clan has a symbol. I chose the one with the wrench in the cog (On the dreadnought). I am not sure however who leads that clan. If anyone knows please let me know and if you can link me to the source if possible that would be great but not necessary at all. Well hope you all enjoyed. Until next time.


Tristan said...

"So I decided that I would use the Space Marine Codex"

SW codex ;) I like the idea a lot though dude - using counts as like this is exactly what it's meant to be. Great idea!

Cawshis Clay said...

I'm considering using the Space Wolf codex as "counts as" for a CSM army. I'm thinking Fenris Wolves= Demons and Wolf Guard = Renegades and Bloodclaws = Cultists.

Right? I mean the Wolves are nearly Chaos anyway. Damn wolves. :)

Neat dreadnaught though. I like the idea of fielding one as an HQ, so I totally get what you're doing here!