Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lets Make a Model: Battlewagons (Part 3)

Hey everyone. This is the next step in the lets make a model battlewagons series. This step starts making the parts come together to look like a vehicle.

These are the parts cut from the sprue. The guide that comes with the kit shows you which parts you need. Clip them from the sprue and dry fit so you know how it goes together.

When you start assembling the parts you will notice that this small part in the picture above goes on the bottom. Be sure you put it in place before attaching both sides to the floorboard type piece. It has a groove in the parts that it snaps into and if both sides are on you may find it wont fit.

This is what the parts look like assembled both top and bottom.

Here it is painted with tires and treads attached. Primed black then a undercoat of tin bitz. Bolt gun metal drybrushed heavily over it and the purple areas were done with lich purple. You may not see it as I only did the purple on a few small areas. Everything was given a wash of devlan mud.
As you can see its starting to look like a vehicle now. Until next time.

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