Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lets Make a Model: Battlewagons (Part 4)

Hey everyone. A bit delayed but here is the next part of the Battlewagon build.

Here are the parts for this part of the build. They are painted up but the metal parts are not washed yet. Once attached to the rest of the model I wash the parts.

Here are the metal floor plates attached. These must go on first in order to put the purple parts above on. After it was glued in place I washed the floor plates with devlan mud to match the rest of the model.

And here it is done. I started with the middle part and then glued the sides on. Now There is still some grey showing through and that is alright. This is just a rough base coat to get the majority of the coloring done. As parts of the battlewagon start to become closed off ill add finishing touches to the purple. Also I will be weathering the purple after the battlewagon is fully built.
Until the next one..


The Inner Geek said...

Looking good so far. Bring on part 5!

Keeper of the Fortress said...

Thanks. Its coming along slowly