Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sweeping last sector now..

Hey all. Yesterday was a little spur of the moment paint-a-thon with a friend of mine. It was eventful as I made a little progress on my drop pod and some assembly for my Angels of Fury HQ choice. I also start work on some Battlefleet Gothic (BFG) stuff. I finished three nova escorts and started base coating my battlebarge. Since the Nova squadron is done here are the pictures of em.

There nothing spectacular. There done in theme with my Angels of Fury chapter. All my imperial and space marine vessels and mechanicus vessels that I want to get over time will be painted in this way as per my chapters fluff.

Anyway BFG stuff is fast to paint. Assembly is a nightmare for the larger ships as there is no instructions but my friend was nice enough to assemble them for me. Check out Helios Ravens 40k blog at He is helping me out with the assembly of the larger ships aka assembling them and trying to salvage my Thunderfire Cannon as it was a bad mold.

Other then the larger ships potentially being a problem in terms of assembly they are fun and easy to paint. Another nice thing is that escort ships are usually 1 to 2 pieces. Hardest part about painting these guys is basecoating them. although you could do a spray base coat if you wanted. I am just going with brushing it on and it can be a pain to get the paint into the recesses. After the base coat its really up to you how detailed you want to be with yours. I just semi drybrushed adeptus battlegrey on the ship, picked out the engines in black and painted the Lance weaponry in bronze. Then i gave the whole thing a wash of badab black and sealed it with a matte varnish.

So yea anyway that's a little change of pace. I still will be working on the drop pod so when i have time to make more progress I shall. Until then..


Helios Raven said...

very nice Can't wait to see the whole fleet!

gobsmasha said...

They look really nice.
Wish I had a BFG fleet (yeah some day...)

I'd be interested on how you (or anyone) goes with that Thunderfire my modeller's intuition told me it would not be the easiest thing to assemble.