Sunday, October 26, 2008

My counts as Pedro Kantor

Another thing I finished during the little paint fest. He is for my Angels of Fury Army.

He is Supreme Grand Master Uriel. Chapter Master of the Angels of Fury. He counts As Pedro Kantor rules wise. same wargear obviously. I plan to make multiple Uriel models namely one with Azrael's gear. They are a Dark Angels successor chapter but I plan to primarily use the Space Marine codex with them. Anyway. I like the helmet. It almost kinda looks like the eyes are glowing when seen in person.
Anyways that's about it for what Ive actually completed. I made some progress on my Battle Barge and Apocalypse class Battleship (in Angels of Fury colors) but they are not done. When I finish them ill post them of course. Once I'm done with all that its back to crusade era thousand sons. Until next time.

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Gamers World said...

One word (well 8 now I have written this) Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccce