Saturday, August 15, 2009

Counts as Lysander and Exorcists Champion

Hey everyone. Here are the rest of the models I finished last week. One is a kit bashed Emperors Champion the other is a counts as Lysander. Here are the pics again not the best quality photo and the models look better in person. I am no pro painter though which should be obvious.

So this model is an Exorcist model for the Exorcists chapter. I plan to build a list for them using the black Templar's codex. Hence why I have this champion model. However should I use another codex I can use him as a captain with thunderhammer. The hammer fits well with the fluff of the chapter considering they recieve similar training for combating demons that Grey Knights do. And the Hammer is a big theme for hunting Daemons so here Henry has a hammer.

Here is the counts as Lysander for a DIY chapter called Bone Scorpions. Lysander was a good character for them as he fit there style. More on them as I figure out what I exactly what I want to do with them.

I am almost done with some other models so another painting update soon. Do not worry I have plans for more basing and tactica and etc etc videos. So until then. Take care


Tristan said...

Emperor's Champ looks great with the thunderhammer. You could also use him as the sgt for a Daemonguard/Sternguard squad using the new BoLS Badab War play aid, pg. 51

Keeper of the Fortress said...

Thanks. That is true he would fit in with that squad.

E said...

Really like the conversion of the champion, simple but brilliant.

The painting isn't bad for an army standard either, so I wouldn't beat yourself up over it.