Saturday, August 15, 2009

Titan crew on foot Done

Hey everyone. Last week I did a bunch of painting. One of the things I got to finish painting was the Titan crew on Foot. For actual gaming Two of the crew on foot will represent Advisors and the one with the gun will be a random trooper for a command squad I guess. Still haven't figured that out. Here they are. Sorry about picture quality was in a rush.

As in a previous post the Moderatii with the auspex thing in his hand will still represent a Master of Ordnance. The Princep model (One with no helmet) I plan to use as a Master of the fleet because I think he looks the part. There seems to be a hair on the auspex guy in the picture but its not stuck to him through paint or anything.
The models look better without the harsh flash that drowns out the color. The metallic parts are a chaos black bolt gun metal mixed darkly.
I painted other models which will get a post after this one. Still no update on the Actual Titan or my Admech test model but as I make progress I will post that. Until next time.

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