Monday, November 3, 2008

Prepare Starboard weapons to fire!

Hey there. Here is a bit of an update. Two capital ships.

This is the Thunderchild above. The apocalypse Battleship. Painted in Angels of Fury colors.

The Battle barge Angelic Fury. Obviously in Angels of Fury colors.
They were assembled by Helios Raven link on the right side. More on the way eventually when the order comes in and such. Working on crusade era Thousand Sons now. More to come soon when I have time to post something more substantial. Sorry for the bad pictures. Hope you enjoy. Until next time.


Zarelexis said...

Very nice. Love seeing when people work up some Battlefleet Gothic goodness.

Chris said...

I love bfg, though I don't plan on getting into it. I want a couple of models to convert, but I don't know how big they the looks of your picture, they look about 8 cm long..can you give me a general idea?

Angelic Fury looks really great too!

Helios Raven said...

The eldar Void Stalker Battle Ship which is about the same size as these ships (Might be a bit smaller) are 5 Inches Long from nose to the tip of the top Sail, The Shadow Class Cruiser which is smaller then the ships seen here is just a bit longer then 3 1/2 inches from nose to top tail sail, and the Nightshade destroyer escorts (One of the smallest ships in the game) is just a tiny bit longer then 1 1/4 inches long from nose to top tail sail. Hope this helps in giving you a idea of there size.

Chris said...

awesome. Thanks!