Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Dakka Ladz Big Captain

Hey all as stated earlier I rolled Orks for the random 40k event. Luckily for me that meant just one guy to paint. I decided to make a freeboota Ork horde cause Ork pirates are fun. They are called the Dakka Ladz. So here is my HQ:

His names is Grax Dakka Goldteef. And yes it says Yo Ho! on his Gob. He is "Da Big Kaptain" of the Dakka Ladz and because of this he counts as Ghazghkull. I went with a purple color scheme because i think its a good color for ork pirates. Gave him a Gold gob because its styling. The purple is hormagaunt purple base with Liche Purple over it and a wash of leviathan purple. It looks better in color then with this picture. He doesn't have a Matte Varnish yet and I think ill do that soon because he is a big pewter model.
Anyways I'm done with the first part of the event. Once we start phase 2 in Jan. I will post an update on the event. Of course as i make progress on my other projects ill post as well.
So enjoy and Take care.


Helios Raven said...

very nice!

I really like the colors and I love the Yo-Ho on the front, great job!

RonSaikowski said...

I didnt realize how much detail was on that model until I looked at the larger version of the picture.

Purple is not a color you see often with Orks so it should make for a striking looking army when done.

Gamers World said...

nice I like the name. How did you come up with it as I was the only one to sugest anything.

Keeper of the Fortress said...

well your Dak Dak idea of putting the Dakka in the name. Grax because it sounded harsh and Goldteef because there pirate Orks so theywould horde teef and being the overall boss of the ladz hed have the most goldteef. So thanks for the suggestion!

Gamers World said...

Thanks for thanking.