Saturday, November 8, 2008

So it begins

Hey all. Not much to update with here. However the Random 40k event has started! First deadline for us is January 8th. Why so late you ask? Well one among our group is doing a forgeworld order for stuff and it takes some time so we made it a little longer. I will be joining him in that order but not for this event.

Anyway I rolled Orks for mine. another of our group rolled orks and two rolled imperial guard. I believe one other is doing eldar. Should be fun as we all have different styles for what we are going to do.

So what I bought for my HQ is Ghazkull's model. Why? Because its a cool looking beefy ork model. He is a bit points heavy and I need a name for him still but it fits the little fluff i made for the army. Basically I'm running a freeboota ork pirate army. Only instead of going crazy with boyz I'm using purely shoota boyz. for troops and a meganobz troop choice because of the warboss. Basically this model will represent the leader of the Freebootaz. THey are called the Dakka Ladz. Normally the list i have would use a big mek shokk attack gun and a warphead weird boy but i figured id do something different for this challenge.

So yea updates with that model hopefully soon. I plan to get him done asap cause it'll be a nice change and i want to continue work on my Marines too. But we are on our way. SO if anyone wants to follow along your more then welcome to. If you have an suggestions of Orky pirate leader name for a ork group that loves the sound of gunz and the smell of propellant lemme know and ill take a look at em.

Until then..

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Gamers World said...

Dak Dak Scuttlbut. Short and no complex words like crimson. Also scuttlbut is and ork version of a real pirate name.