Saturday, November 22, 2008


Hello all. A small update. Here we have a pre heresy thousand son Commander. I named him Kahotep:

His wargear mimics that of Sicarius because i do plan to use him as a counts as model for Sicarius. He would be a second HQ model to go with my Count as Tigirius (Ahriman or Mhotep from the HH novel). So why do you ask? Well I like the Fluff of the Thousand Sons and having a high degree of Psychic potential within the legion. I think the rules of Sicarius best mesh with this theme.
So yea there he is. I like how he came out. When next I work on the army it'll be on the Terminators. When thatll be? Not sure but it wont be a long delay. Id like to have my 1500 point army done by spring.
That and other things to come when i have time to collect my thoughts onto here. Until then.

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