Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Status report

Hey all. Just thought id make a little update post. Now all i did for this picture below is make him a new base and started some minor touch ups on his helmet. I may do a little more touch up on him in the future. He is a Dark Angel Deathwing Interrogator Chaplain.

I got some more BFG stuff to paint so I think I will work on them and bases for my Crusade Thousand Sons. Depending how fast I can base and paint the 8 escorts and 3 cruisers I may be able to get started on the actual crusade terminators soon.
I want to post some Tactica that I use when i play games but I do not know what exactly. I may do something on general things. I also have another idea in mind so stay tuned some tips and tactics to come aside from just progress reports on what I'm working on.
Oh just so any followers are aware. I play Dark Angels and codex marines. I have some Tau and a few chaos. I have played with my tau and i know a good amount of how to play chaos marines. I am also working on Orks for that challenge. So if you have any army specific questions especially about any Space Marine army except space wolves feel free to leave a comment with your question. This goes for the other armies listed above. I will do my best to answer them with my opinions in a post. If no one does that its fine I will still do what I have in mind as well. Until then.

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