Saturday, September 6, 2008

First Imperssions of the new Space Marine Codex

Hey all this one is a talkie as I don't have a picture to post or anything.

So anyway I was able to view a store copy of the new Space Marine Codex. All I have to say is I love it. Now yes its been said that my blessed Dark Angels wont be getting a FAQ to give them things like WS 6 captains and Chaptermasters or 3+ Storm Shields but that's alright. This makes the two codices different from each other and actually gives "Codex" chapters something that sets them apart.

I will not go into specifics but there are some weapon type changes like cyclone missile launcher shooting twice which is cool. I mean I use em in my Deathwing squad and they only shoot once for my Dark Angels. There is other things too like rhinos and Drop pods costing 35 points.. yep that's right.

But back to the codex as a whole. Its beefy stuffed to the brim with fantastic art, cool pictures, fluff and of course rules.

Now I have heard talk over this interweb and of course there are the negative people who hate any change that comes out. And really that is a shame. I am not saying this codex is perfect but it is awesome. Any codex is going to have its flaws and things that are annoying to someone but the proportion of goodness in this book is much much higher then the bad in my opinion.

The special characters are all great in terms of there fluff page and what they do as I'm sure most of us heard through the rumor mills. Cpatains and Company Masters have so many upgrade options and that is col for having diversity.

Point costs for things really are fair. Yea stern guard with combi weaponry are 30 points a pop but that's a veteran unit stats with combi weapon and special ammunition so its fair. Vanguard are expensive and that is also fair. 2 attacks base before counting there +1 for two one handed weapons not to mention the +1 for the charge so honestly its fair.

Now don't get me wrong I love my Dark Angels and they will always be my main army regardless of faq or not faq update because I get my own special stuff. I think the new DA codex is great. But oh man my Angels of Fury (Which are a DA successor) are going to have fun with this codex and my crusade era Thousand Sons will too.

Now I don't want to over hype the codex due to the fact that I really like it so I wont say much more on it. What I will say is check it out if your can.

What I will say is to non space marine players you have nothing to be sore or gripe about other then the fact that GW will always give there poster child first dibs.. but that is just good tactics. Anti space marine tactics will still be as effective in theory as they are now and Space Marine players will not really have to shift gears too much if at all to relearn how to cope.

When I get my Spearhead box I will do a review of it but coming up before that I hope will be my finished Crusade era Thousand Sons HQ (Its gonna count as Tigiruis army list wise).

If anyone else had time to sit down with the codex and look it over they are welcome to comment with there thoughts. I didn't touch on the codex in depth I will do that when i get the spear head. Also mature thoughtful comments. Things like "omg space marines are cheap i hate blah blah blah" is not what this is meant for. Weve all heard that and heard enough of it on forums and the like.

Till next time.

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James Bishop, Phoenix AZ said...

The only thing that bothers me about this new codex is the reversal of the creativity of each person who chooses to manufacture by design their own fluff.

That is they took away traits.
Now, (read carefully) if they had a special formula included in the codex for how to design GW legal special characters unique to the player in order that one did NOT have to use their special character's to achieve a unique tactical perspective, then to do away with the trait system is fair.

This is not the case. In order to not play one of Marneus Calgar's stepchildren (Yes, I loathe the Ultramarines), you have to take a special character from one of their established fluff chapters. All the new special characters, I will admit, are from decent to ZOMyGod cool; but THEY ARE NOT MINE. And even though I -can- take them and paint them my own scheme, use their rules, and say "counts as"... THEY ARE NOT MINE.

I personally disagree with the way most fluff is handled for the 40k universe even though it's my favorite table top. Yet the saving grace I (We all) have had all this time has been that we can do something unique... and 4th Edition Space Marine Traits were the realization of that to the greatest extent yet.

I will continue to play my army of Space Marines. How I will be able to officially define them in tournament play will remain to be seen.