Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thats not a Cannon..

Hey all. So yes I switched to the Drop pod. I just had to. Progress is slow because real life gets in the way as I'm sure we all know. SO hear is a door finished just to get an idea of the color scheme I'm going with.
It is for my Angels of Fury army. I will have to get at least one more Drop pod for the army proper but that is another story. It is going to be for my Sternguard (Which I am calling Interdiction squads) though. And the area around the aquila has been touched up so it looks better now. Its a simple color scheme.

The Kit for the pod is great. A little daunting to look at at first but its straightforward with the instructions. It comes with aquilas or chapter specific icons. Black Templars, Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Ultramarines, Space Wolves and Imperial Fists which could function as Crimson Fists no problem. And there is one for each door. So that is nice. And its made to be able to open and close the doors. Having it in person it is bigger then I would have thought. Not a bad thing just didn't expect it.

So more to come on the Drop pod. I also plan to do a segment look at Stubborn and Fearless. Not so much pitting them against each other but more looking at what they do. I love both of them and I think there both great. Yea even in massive ork armies that cant make the saves. Ill explain why in that segment whenever I do it. And don't worry I haven't forgotten about my Crusade Era Thousand Sons I just wanted do the Drop pod and take a little break from them.

That reminds me I will also do a Segment for the Army lists for both my Angels of Fury Dark Angels Succesor chapter (Using the new SM codex list) and for my Crusade Era Thousand Sons. When I dunno yet but I will and ill do a progressive paint log on them as I finish units or transports for units except for the crusade era thousand sons. Ill do shots of them as I finish batches of em and again with the army as a whole as I finish units to see the progression. Kind alike a checklist thing Anyways..

If you have the new Drop pod or Thunderfire Cannon tell me what you think of the kits.


RonSaikowski said...

While I don't have any pods, I've heard mixed reviews on actually building them.

Some people say they are difficult to assemble and others say they go together easy as can be.

How was your pod to assemble, were the doors problematic?

Keeper of the Fortress said...

So far so good. Its not assembled yet the pod. THe center part was a bit problematic but it was alright. As I progress ill show little progress reports.

Helios Raven said...

Loven it can;t wait to see the finsihed model!