Friday, September 19, 2008

Space Marine Spearhead plus help me!

Hey hey all. Got my Space Marine spearhead in earlier today but I had to head to work so here is the post on it now. Its just a small review of the contents. And I have to say I'm happy with it.

Here is the top of the box. The spearhead is designed to give you the codex and a splash of new models to wet your whistle so to speak. Some of the earlier spearheads like Dark Angels were different in that you got essentially like 1000 points of an army really.

The back of the box detailing whats included

This is the contents. Basically everything is taken out of there boxes and put into the spearhead box to save room so that it is not some giant box thing of doom. The pewter to the left and plastic to the right. The Drop pod is bigger then I expected. Also the Codex is under the drop pod.

The Picture above this one gave them away but they deserved a closer look. GW made bases for bikes! These are the bases that come with the scout bikers. Now I would imagine that GW will eventually put these bases out for sale by themselves like they do there other bases. I hope they do at least because I need em for my Ravenwing.

I didnt go into detail on the contents because we all know it and the website of GW has it there to see and all nicely painted too.

Ok so im putting the Thousand Sons on hold a bit. I will still work on them but not solely as I am going to make something out of the spearhead and post progress on them. I am starting with the Thunderfire Cannon because I think it looks cool. I will still base coat thousand son stuff and what not but the cannon will be my focus.

Still with me? Alright good. You will notice the title of this post included a plea for help. A few friends and I are taking are first steps into the world of Battlefleet Gothic. We are going to tie it into our 40k games for fun and the ships look cool. The Help I need is if anyone has a link to a site with instructions on how to build the ships. I personally need a sight with assembly instruction of imperial and space marine stuff. But as of right now I just need instruction or a diagram on how to assembly an Apocalypse Class Battleship. If you have any info on this please link me to it in the comments section. Thanks and coming next will be part one of my Thunderfire Cannon. Until then.


macguy4321 said...

I don't have any links for assembling BFG ships, but they aren't that difficult to put together. But it's a great game. I just got my spearhead. It's got a crap load of metal. I've got the scout bikers, the drop pod, the Stergaurds completed and I need to put the Jump Packs on the Vangaurd. I'm planning on putting them together as White Scars. Any idea what you're going to do?

Zarelexis said...

I know that GW used to have the instructions online. Guess I should scan the ones I have and put online.

BTW. You can get lots of good info on the game at Port Maw. It is a big community of BFG players. One of the oldest, if not the oldest, on the web.