Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Khopesh Tutorial for power armor

Alright here it is. Its a simple tutorial again on making a khopesh. This time however it is for power armor. This type of conversion is best done with a non-sword weapon. If it has a shaft then its ideal for this. Swords are possible but involve a lot more work.

Here are the bits I used for this. The Khopesh/ glaive is from a tomb kings chariot box. The power axe is from an assault marine box.

Here is essentially how I cut the weapons up. I then trimmed the shaft of the power axe down to the grip for a better look.

And there it is! Simple but effective. Again you can do this for any type of weapon that you want. Its just like the terminator weapon but I figured id post it anyway since it helps to have a visual.

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