Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What to do with all those bits? Another Khopesh Tutorial

Hey all. Through making my crusade era Thousand Sons I have used a variety of warhammer boxes: the Tomb Kings Chariot box, High Elf Archer box and the Warriors of Chaos box. Being that I do not play Warhammer fantasy i obvious have a lot of bits unused. So I thought I would show a use for some of em namely the warriors of chaos CCWs (Close combat weapons). I used 3 of them to make the sergeants power khopesh weapons so here is a tutorial on that:

Here are the weapons on the sprue. Now this can work for anyone wanting a variety in there melee weapons. The hammers work for Salamanders and the Mace for anyone really. You could do what I am doing and skip the whole make it a khopesh part.

Here are the hands I will be using for the khopesh and the arms ill be using to attach them to. I went with some chaos Chainswords because I have no real use for them as of now anyway. Any arm can work though.

The whole reason I'm doing this are for these 3 weapons. These are from the chariot box.

Alright so onto the meat and potatoes. What I did was cut the wrist off the chainsword arms and i cut the wrist free from the rest of the gauntlet for the warriors of chaos weapon hand. I also cut the khopesh blade off the chariot arm and the weapon heads off of the warriors of chaos hand.
Here they are complete. Basically just dry fit and file until they fit well enough and glue them all together. Now I know there is no powerpack on these weapons but they can still function as power weapons. Maybe the power generator is inside the weapon or maybe it is empowered by the wielders psychic might. They are Thousand Sons after all. Either way it doesn't matter they will function fine as power weapons.

The use of the warriors of chaos weapon hands were an example of utilizing bits as the khopesh was required. Other examples are the chariot and square bases that I turned into objectives or stratagems. Another example would be the high elf instrument being used as smoke launchers on my vindicator. When I do more examples of utilizing more bits that i essentially wouldn't have a use for i'll of course post it. Until next time.

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