Tuesday, March 17, 2009

All Your Base.. Idea

Hey everyone. Another segment of all your base. It will be quickie as its more an idea then actual how to.

I was reading the new White Dwarf with the War of the Ring information in it. In the beginning it shows the movement trays and I got an idea. Those movement trays are for 25mm and 40mm bases. Last I checked 40 uses those bases. Now I'm not saying use them in games but they can work really well in display boards. How? You can use them to create flush displays where the base is inset into the display.

Now they are rigid blocks but you can take extra 25 or 40mm bases and make them objective markers or whatever to break up the blocks.

How I would do this is find a board the same thickness as the movement trays then cut out rectangles where you want the movement trays. Then I would find a rigid under board to glue both the top board and the trays to. Flock and base then put the models on and there bases would be flush with the board.

Now this would not work for models that you would want on the cities of death terrain but it can work for other larger thicker areas like rock slabs, desert, rivers, stuff like that. I would test this out but I have no display board planned at the moment but at some point in the future I will buy some movement trays to see how they are. Feel free to let me know how they are if you own some. Until next time..


scdarkangel said...

I was looking at the new LOTR bases too, to use my 40k Deamons in fantasy, I can drop the round bases in the trays and they are ranked up for fantasy.

Santa Cruz Warhammer

Gamers World said...

Hey scdarkangel I had that idea too but I have no daemons.