Sunday, March 15, 2009

All Your Base... plasticard

Hey everyone. Since I needed to make bases for my Thousand Sons pre heresy I thought I would show the quick and easy process of how I base them. I do this for them because I want them all to look like there on some sort of stone tiled surface. They don't all match up perfectly which is fine because it gives it a more battle torn feel while still being subdued.
Alright to get to this stage I used the bases and used them to mark the circle's on my plasticard. Thickness is not important you can choose whichever thickness you like. Now after that you just need to cut them out. Keep in mind they are going to be as larger then the base surface which is a good thing.

Alright. I cut them into quarters and then glued them on. Depending how big you want your tile look you can cut them in only halves or a half and two quarters or even not at all to represent them standing in the middle of a large tile. Once the glue was dry I used my clippers to trim them flush with the bases edge and then based them black.

I went for a grey stone look but any color can work even metallic for a metal floor. I just painted a few coats of Astronomicon grey to get this color and that is it. I also painted the sides of the base. The reason I did that is it helps the graveyard earth out for the sides. That is my typical color for trimming the bases.

And here they are. I gave them a second coat of graveyard earth after this photo. I just wanted you to see how the graveyard earth worked after just one coat with the grey underneath it. I do not know if other peoples graveyard earth is really thin but mine always seems to be that way.
Alright so there you have it. Nothing particularly creative or complex. Just a quick way to do a base. Even these simple bases will add more narrative to a model then just leaving them unbased.

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