Sunday, March 1, 2009

All your Base.... Materials.

Hey all it is another installment of All your Base. This time I'm talking about materials. Now I'm not talking about what we can buy from games workshop or whomever like the broken up stone, static grass, flock, sand, snow effects etc. This is some random stuff that we can all get easily or already have. At the end ill talk about one or more others not pictured.
Alright a group shot. What we have is an empty sprue that we should all have. The rest is from a chemistry molecule set. It is one of the poorer ones that was going to be thrown out.
These can be used as pipes for cities of death. Aside from terrain you could use clumps of these to represent rocket pods or what not for units that can take missile launchers. They have a variety of uses. One thing to note is that they are harder to get paint and glue to stick too and glue in place. But once you do it looks great.

Alright these guys also have some uses. The fan like things on the bottom can be used to represent turbine blades in rubble. They could also be used for orky bits. Those white pipes are flexible if you need a thick power cord thing that can move or can be used just like the other pipes. Te red thing however can be used to represent mines. Eldar or Tau can do that easily as it looks in line with there tech. But really any race could. Or maybe something to put barbed wire around. Just need to use your imagination.

Lastly the empty sprue. If your in the hobby you have these. You can grind them up for rubble or cut them up to represent iron bars in rubble. Melt them a bit to represent a melta hit somewhere on a building. Twist them to represent stressed metal. They are very handy. Can also be used as orky bits for vehicles.

One thing i did not take a picture of was screening like for windows or screen doors. They can be purchased in large quantities. They come as metal or plastic screening. I recommend the plastic one. It is easier and safer to use. This is what I use for my terminator space hulk basing.
Well I hope that helps spark some ideas for people. There are more things of course that you can use these are just examples. Until next time.

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Andy said...

Some good ideas there, thanks for posting.