Sunday, March 1, 2009

Legends of Wat update

Hey all. Sorry about the sporadic posts. I am still active just not much real progress worth mentioning. But here we are. A random 40k (Legends of War) update. My First troop choice. Because of the Warboss I took a 5 meganob strong mob as my first troop choice. I call them the Good toof guard because they all have some goldteef. Fluff wise they are the personal guard boyz of my Warboss. Any more meganobz that I may add in the future wont have any gold teef on the gobs.
Group shot of the Goold toof guard. They all have kombi-skorchas because I feel its the best upgrade for them.

A close up of one of my bases with a skull on it. All the bases were done the same way as in the all your base segment. The skull and other bone was done with the same paints and just a white over it and a wash of devlan mud.

Another group shot. The 'ead nob of this squad is the one with 2 gold teef on his gob.
So yea this took priority over my pre heresy thousand sons. But I am back to working on them. I hope to get that army done by the end of this month. Until next time.

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