Sunday, March 15, 2009

Progress report

Hey everyone. Made some painting progress so here we are:

Firstly I tried my and at some actual greenstuff work. Simple scarab symbol for Thousand Sons Rhino hatches. One for each of my rhinos in the list. I did not do too much touch up with regards to finger prints or minor divots because I think it gives this character. The divots for battle worn and the finger prints give it a more scarab look in my opinion. To make scarabs you just have to make the desired scarab circle/oval shape and then with a knife or sculpting tool cut into the greenstuff a "T" with the crossed top of the "T" being the top of the scarab.

The grenade marine with 4 other heavy weapon guys. The Autocannons are heavy weapon team autocannons that I shortened the barrel of. I will use them as heavy bolters.

Another shot of the group. The Autocannons were a bit odd to get on the models only because I did not attempt to make the model in anyway to actually carry it effectively. I think they still get the point across and look decent. What I like about the autocannons is that they can represent heavy bolters, missile launchers or even lascannons as long as they all represent the same thing.
Well that is it for now. Until next time.


Tristan said...

I like the feathers. Metals need some wash.

The 25mm Warrior said...

Totally original look Marines bro. You don't see that too often... very cool!