Saturday, August 9, 2008

The 15th Legion strike force

For when anyone reads this they might wonder.. How will I play with my thousand sons army once its done? My answer to that would be multiple ways depending. The primary way is to use the regular Space Marine Codex and with a new one on the way i will use that primarily. However I will be using Grey Knights allies with it to represent the thousand sons terminator squad. First it allows me to model each terminator with a Khopesh. Secondly i can use them as the power weapons they are. Also since the terminator squad in grey knights can take the holocaust power i think it fits well into the whole theme of the Thousands Sons having psykers and sorcerers everywhere. So basically ill have a librarian HQ and a thousand sons terminator squad represented by fielding them as grey knight terminator allies. The huge shoulder pad guy will be the brother captain. and ill fill out the rest with whatever.

I could also use the chaos space marine codex and field them that way but I for the most part wont as I am also working on 41st millenium Thousand Sons in there blueness.

So that's pretty much how the list will work once i have an army made and such. Space Marines with grey knight termiantor allies led by a Librarian. I am not going to bother writing up a list using the current space marine codex as there is no way ill have an army done in time to use it. So once i get my hands on that codex ill write up a preliminary list and post it.

Coming soon a little tutorial on how I made my Khopesh power weapon.

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