Thursday, August 14, 2008

Teleport Homer

Hey all I know its nothing special but I was working on rebasing the small amount of Deathwing I have to spice up my miniature painting and making. I like to do a variety of things at once to keep everything interesting because as we all know the same thing regardless of what it is gets boring after a while. So I figured Id show a use for the small square bases:

Its a humble teleport homer. Its based in the same style as my deathwing will all be. A space hulk/ ship basing. Its nothing fancy. But instead of using the circle bases they supply I decided to use a small square base and save the circle bases until i need to use them for markers. I will post a group shot with some deathwing at some point in the future.
Just a quick update. I am working on a second crusade era Thousand Son Terminator. Tonight ill pick up the High Elf archer box for bits as long as the Local Gaming store has them in stock. If not there is another local store I can check it for tomorrow. Once I get the box ill do a short tutorial on how I do my Thousand Sons heads.
Well as always if anyone does read feel free to leave comments.


Admiral Drax said...

Hey - there's some good stuff here...think I'll pop back anon.

Keep up the good work (and disturbingly rapid painting)!

- Drax

RonSaikowski said...

Nice job with the homer... any chance of a small step by step with how you built it?