Monday, August 11, 2008

Thousand Sons Marine

Finished my second tactical marine for my Crusade era Thousand Sons. So here he is!

I am enjoying creating this army. Next to the Dark Angels, The Thousand Sons are nearly tied with the Unforgiven, along with some other legions, but comparatively I feel the Thousand Sons are one of the most Unique both in there represented Artwork and abilities.
I will be putting off making more Thousand Sons fully until after Thursday night. What I mean is I wont be doing the heads just yet until after that day.
In case anyone was wondering how i made these guys ill list off the materials:
Warhammer Fantasy Warriors of Chaos box
Warhammer Fantasy Tomb Kings Chariot box
Space Marine and Chaos Space Marine terminator and squad boxes
After thursday (assuming its in stock) Warhammer Fantasy High Elves Archers box. I'll post how once i get it.
Its pretty straight forward how to make the heads but once i make them again ill put another short little tutorial up on how its done. Take Care.

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