Friday, August 15, 2008

Space Hulk bases

Here is a group shot of my Deathwing with the teleport homer. I don't have any WIP shots of how I did it but as per request I will do a little how to on how I made the bases including how I painted them.

I got my idea from Games Workshop's Space Hulk terrain article. But when I looked around I did not have any crochet sheets around unless I went out and bought them. I did however find window and door screening and I went with that. I went with plastic screening but i would imagine the metal would work also if not be a little more stubborn to work with.
using a very light spread of PVA glue I glued the bases to the sheet and then after letting it dry I cut and clipped the screen around the bases until it was essentially flush with the side of the base. I then glued down plasticard and some little tube things I had right on top of the screen.
For painting I have the entire thing a base coat of black. I then drybrushed the screen and anything else I wanted with bolt gun metal. For the yellow I used Iyanden Dark Sun foundation because I liked the dull yellow color but that is up to the person. I then dry brushed bestial brown to age parts of the screen and other metal parts I wanted aged. I then used the new citadel washes to complete the base.
I washed Devlan mud over the aged rusted areas sloppily so it went over onto non aged areas. After that dried i washed the entire base with badab black including the yellow parts to give it a grimed aged derelict look.
Hope that helps. If you google Space Hulk Terrain or Space Hulk Bases you will come across other how to's.
Coming soon will be how I make my Crusade era Thousand Sons heads.


RonSaikowski said...

Nice job on the bases, I've always liked the Space Hulk look.

Thanks for the description on how you put them together too.

Keeper of the Fortress said...

Thanks. The Space Hulk look is a good look especially since its not done as much.

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to play some Space Hulk. I have enough pieces of board to fill up a small house.

Todd Zircher said...

That screen door fabric is great stuff. I'm currently working on a 3d Spacehulk terrain project and I used the screen and an overhead light fixture grill to make cat walk floor sections.

For those that are curious...