Saturday, August 9, 2008

For Prospero! For Magnus! For the Emperor!

Alright. The first attempt at this was done with a tactical marine and the second attempt was with a Terminator. I have since done more research into bits for the embellishments on the helmets and will be doing a bits order for that and some other things for the legion. But for now i just used plasticard and cut rectangularish blocks and glued them to the head. The end result is something that looks kinda funny up close but looks fine when set down and looked at. gets the point across. Alright so up first is the tactical marine.

What you first will notice is that its influenced by the ccg art available in the visions of heresy books. Now those crusade era buffs out there will most likely criticize the legs the bolter and maybe the backpack. As well as the chest plate maybe. So before anyone (assuming someone will read this) comments on that let me first say I am aware and I did this for a few reasons:
1- I only have 6 of the older plastic bolters and I dont quite want to use them just yet.Same thing with the back packs. I have plans for them. Also I dont want to convert the standard bolter. Its a bolter it gets the point across.
2- The chest plate gets the point across of being older and non Mk7.
3- The legs are because for the life of me I cannot find any older looking legs that I know I have and I do not want to go through the process of Green stuffing the legs (mostly because im really bad at it). The next tactical marine im working is using a chaos leg so that will help get the leg armor look.

The head embellishment is just plasticard. I know the hole is not center. I wanted it to look damaged because it amuses me.

I want to add this was my First free hand work for the Legions symbol. Its not bad for first time and im sure will get better over time.

Alright that is long enough so I will post the Terminator in its own post

All is Dust..

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