Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some of my Tau

As I've stated prior I have a small force of tau. Fire warriors A devilfish and these 3 guys. Until I get a Farsight model the plasma gunner is my Shas'O. the twin fusion gunner is primarily for combat patrol but he also fits in my list. End the Broadside is the Shas'vre of the team.. I just need to get him a team!

So there they are. Painted in the colors of Farsight as is my entire army from firewarrior to drone to vehicle. Now I know the fluff around it and there are a few ways to paint an army for Farsight and I went this way. Also you'll notice that there are no sept marks on them. MY army has no sept marks and any Tau symbols like the one on fire warrior shoulder pads are done in black. The fluff behind my army is that they are dedicated to the greater good but are not a part of the Tau empire hence the lack of sept markings. They are all bonded too. Two of them have the bonding knife from the firewarrior sprue to represent the bonding knife.

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