Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Fury of Prospero

Hey hey everyone. The Vindicator "The Fury of Prospero" is done! So without further delay here are some pictures!

Nothing special done to it really. One thing I did add are those gold bird head smoke launchers in place of regular smoke launchers. Those are from the High elf archer box the instrument. I cut and filed the bottom down and drilled little holes in the mouth. I thought they fit the Thousand Son's crusade era theme nicely. I took apart the dozerblade to glue it in place. I think I may try to magnetize the dozerblade on my next vindicator whenever that is. It of course looks better in person.
SO I will be back to doing terminators and tactical marines for this army as well as a HQ piece but first... I got this months White Dwarf in and I will be painting up the terminator for my Angels of Fury. I think Ill do a review on the black reach terminator model. So that then back to my crusade era Thousand Sons


RonSaikowski said...

Nice job.

If I may offer a suggestion. I can see what looks light what might be a slight wash over the model for detail perhaps? I wonder if it's possible to pick out sdome more of the recessed areas on the vehicle.

The weathering on the dozer blade looks great but the tank looks too "clean" to go with it. And I don't think it's a matter of adding more dirt but maybe some grime (like a wash or something to help define the recesses and low areas like inside the fan blades and such).

Just a thought, nice job and quick turnaround on this guy. I'm looking forward to seeing the Terminator.

Keeper of the Fortress said...

In time ill figure out what to do to make it a little more of a field veteran vehicle. As of now I dont know what I want to do because I am going for a clean look on this army to fit there whole ranged combat and trickery theme. But in time it will get some more attention. Im thinking something for the exhaust areas and some slight stuff on its extra armor. When I do a group shot when I have more Sons itll hopefully have more details done by then.

Helios Raven said...

Something you could do with out making it too messy, Tanks run in all kinds of Mud and Dirt so their treads tend to get more messy then anything. You can take a little of the colors you used to make the Dozer blade look messy and just put a little of that along the side of the tank that is closest to the ground. its a small bit of detail that doesn't make the tank look dirty but at lest looks like it actually is being used.

And if you don;t want to deal with washes to add some detail to the plates of the tank, just take a little "Blazing Orange" (It looks red in the pics) and go alone Some of the edges it takes like 2 minutes to do a whole tank and it gives the plates a bit more pop.