Saturday, August 9, 2008

For Prospero! For Magnus! For the Emperor! pt2

Alright Now for the terminator. I used unmodified Witch Hunter Tyrus Shoulderpads for the terminator so be prepared for huge shoulder pads.. but thats ok because shoulders are vulnerable.

Those are some honking shoulder pads! but thats ok I like it. Alright firstly the other termiantors that i will eventually make will not have as large shoulder pads.
I made that Khopesh with tomb king bits and chaos terminator power weapon arm. Ill post a tutorial on that soon.
I was going for a more old looking colored leather for the leather parts of the shoulder pads. I think the streaked look does that. On the back of his waist is a scroll. The shoulder pads have rune work on the center part done in black with a fine black pen. I thought it gave the terminator a more. mystical look since its the Thousand Sons.
The Shoulder pad leather parts and the chest plate are a nod to there future allegiance. The eye which is a symbol they used then and in the future and the leather is 3 to a side which go into the number 9 the favored number of Tzeentch.
So those are the two thousands sons I have so far. How did I paint them? Here is a run down:
primed the models black
Armor color - Mechrite red with a baal red wash over the entire model
Armor ribbing - bolt gun metal
Trim - brazen brass (or any brass or bronze color since i think they stopped that color) followed by shining gold.
Eyes - Snot green
Gems etc (like the eye on the chest plate)- Snot green and I will also being using enchanted blue for some.
Ranged Weapons- chaos black with bolt gun trim
Khopesh- scab red hand hold area, bolt gun pole and cable parts, the blade itself is Mithril silver, any adornments is done with the brass then gold like the trim
Leather parts - bestial brown followed by scab red.
Top knot - scab red with leviathan purple wash.
Purity seals - ultramarine blue and then enchanted blue on the wax part, bronzed flesh followed by bleached bone with skull white on top for the parchment part. I then tried to give the impression of runes written on the seals instead of the standard text to make it fit with the legion.
Well that's it for the two "test" models. I will be trying to make the models as close to crusade era as I can with what I have and with minimal effort. As I finish more ill post them. Take care

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