Sunday, August 10, 2008

Khopesh Tutorial

Well here we go a quick little tutorial for making a Khopesh weapon for Thousand Sons. This could be used for really any weapon type and again this is simple and quick.

So here are the bits you will need or rather the ones I used for this tutorial. What we have here are first on the left a Chaos Terminator power weapon arm. Next is a sprue from the Tomb Kings Chariot box of Warhammer Fantasy. It is the bladed prow for the chariot.

Alright What I did was cut off the mace head from the weapon and the bladed prow from the sprue. Clippers or an Xacto blade both work equally well. As always be careful with sharp things. After that some minor light filing was done but depending how clean and straight your cut is that may not even be really necessary.

And here we have the finished product! A Khopesh Terminator weapon. This can work for Power Armor marines provided its not a power sword. It need an axe or mace type weapon to be based off of.

When I do eventually make one for my Sergeants and Librarian I will do another tutorial on that. Also I will be experimenting with chain swords to see if i can utilize those arms for a ccw (Close combat weapon) Khopesh for an assault or veteran squad for example.

Hope that helped. Until next time.

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