Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What to do with the Square bases?

Hey all just thought id post a little something. If your like me and you dint play warhammer fantasy then you probably will have plenty of square bases left over from the warhammer boxes in which you get your bits for conversion unless of course you bit ordered.
If you also play warhammer fantasy then you could probably find some uses for them but as I don't play warhammer fantasy i had a bunch of bases sitting around. So I did a little something with one of the chariot bases:
It can easily be used as a strategic assets for city fight or apocalypse or just used as a small piece of terrain. Its not much but it something to add some spice to a board. Now you could also use them for objective markers in any style from forest to space hulk. You could also use the small square bases for mine fields.

Ill post more in the future on how i used the small square bases. Feel free to comment! Share how you use extra bases be they round or square.


Anonymous said...

Nice use of bases that usually don't get much attention. I like it!

Keeper of the Fortress said...

Thanks. I figured people would probably have extra bases so I thought it would be good to get ideas out there for uses.