Monday, August 25, 2008

Vehicle insight

Hey all. Before i start some more work on my vindicator I thought id talk about flash. Whether you call it that or anything else i think we all get what it is. In particular though I am talking about it inside the slots where the vehicle hull joins with the bottom of the vehicle as shown in the two picture below:

Now you wont always have a problem with them but Ive only had one vehicle not have flash in the holes. So for those who don't build vehicles often it is important that you check these and make sure there clear. the best way to do it is with an xacto blade or something equivalent. After you cut all the flash out dry fit dry fit dry fit. Either shave it with the blade or file it lightly if it doesn't get a nice fit.
One final important note is that when you do this it is easiest to do it when the two hull portions are not joined together yet. once it dry fits nicely then you can glue to two hull parts together.
Hope that helps anyone. I will post things like this as I make progress reports on the vindicator that will be more about making the vindicator. Until then..

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Anonymous said...

Great tip! Flash and mold lines are the bane of my existence...