Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Release the Fury of the Lion in the Name of the Emperor!!

Hey. So this is not Thousand Sons but worry not. Some Friends and I had a impromptu paint fest and I started work on a test model for my own Chapter and wanted to finish him. They are called the Angels of Fury. They are a Unforgiven successor chapter. Information on them can be found in the forum the Gathering of Angels the link to which is in my Astronomicon. I did change one bit of fluff and now I will be fielding all non bike riding power armored marines in robes. He was painted fast and aside from some glaring mold lines he came out well. Ive touched up his eyes since the photo. That is his color scheme. Adeptus Battlegrey armor, black robes, mechrite red emblem and weapons. The model is done color scheme wise. Being a test model I did not do as much detail especially since he is rank and file. I like how he looks though considering I am not a good painter.

I do pose a question to you all and that is how do I highlight or shade a black robe while keeping the look of a robe and not having it look like molded armor? I have no idea. If you have some insight please comment with it or a link to a helpful resource. Thanks! And worry not I am back to working on the Vindicator again.

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