Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Angels of Fury Tactical Marine pt. 2

I know I said I'm working on my vindicator and I am! This is the same angels of Fury marine but with some highlight things and shading on the robes. So now this marine is done. If anyone does have black robe shading tips i would like to hear them.
What this a pen? Well yes. Just thought id add a little tip for some people who may use fine tip brushes and black paint or ink to do things like purity seal writing or the highlights like on the shoulder pads of the Marine above. I find that the 005 is the best thickness with the next best being 01. I use this in place of paint its faster and i have more control over it. Id highly suggest anyone who will be doing any black text writing (Inquisition, Space Marines even Orks and chaos) that they invest in a pen or two. I don't know if they come in other colors and if they do what color and how thin. If they do they would be ideal for Tau sept markings.

Until next time.

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Helios Raven said...

A Great way to Highlight Black Robes. You use a bit of Codex Grey and with a small brush you remove some of the paint with a tissue and then lightly go over the raised folds of the Robes it gives a very nice look and takes about...30 seconds to do.