Friday, August 15, 2008

Thousand Sons Heads

Hey all picked up the high elf archer box so I believe its time for a tutorial on how I do my Crusade era Thousand Sons Heads. This method of doing unique helmets for pre or even post heresy can be used by virtually any legion or chapter you would just not do the last step that makes them a Thousand Son or you would use a different item.

Alright firstly you will need a Warriors of Chaos box from Warhammer Fantasy. Any helmet in that box can work really. Also if your going to do a heresy era traitor legion or want menacing looking helmets you could even leave the horns on. Works for Alpha Legion Word Bearers etc. This may seem like a waste of a box but you can cut up the bodies for crusade era legs or use them as storm troopers or traitor guard in general. The cc arms can also be used for ccw's for space marines. anyway moving on.

Clip or cut off the horns from the helmet should you need to depending on the army your doing. Since I'm doing Thousand sons i remove the horns. If you notice that the little bulge thing that comes out of the helmet where the base of horns attach are left in place and are filed smooth to clean up where the horn was cut off. Some people I have seen cut and file those away as well and it can look fine. SO its really a personal choice. Some people also cut off those things to then glue on there own little ear bits punched from plasticard and then add some tubing. I don't do that because its a lot easier to just leave those bulges and use them as your ear bits. There in the general area and are already there. Also those are the bits I will be using for my thousand sons in place of plasticard.
I used to use plasticard to make it look more Thousand Sons like but the high elf bits work really well for that. I got them from the High Elf Warhammer fantasy box. The feather is a bit long but it'll work especially when its painted.
Here is another view. As you saw i did another helmet to show what both bits look like on a helmet. I will use the feather for my terminator I'm working on. Also you probably notice the mold lines on the helmet. If your doing Thousand Sons leave them there as they are in the perfect spot for determining where you paint the gold on the helmet. The second tactical marine I did and the terminator both used the mold lines as a template for how far back the gold should go on the helmet.

Hope that helps. I finished getting my crusade era terminator ready for base coating so i will be working on that. Next time you see the feathered helmet it'll be on a terminator and painted. Not sure how long that will take.

Also just a quick note. If you see something I did that you want to know how or what i used or how i painted something by all means leave a comment and ill try to explain the best I can.

Take care

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Anonymous said...

Nice conversions. I'm not a huge Thousand Sons fan, but these helmets look great.